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The spirit of Ubud

Life, religion, and art all converge in Bali.
They have no word in their language for ‘artist’ or ‘art.’
Everyone is an artist.
- Anais Nin.

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UBUD - Bali

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Feel the magical life of Ubud

We are here for an unhurried week. We have no itinerary, no particular plans. We just “create” something to fill the empty page … but is it not easy. We also do learned about Ubud’s life which we are trying to actualise during our time living in Ubud. There is a unique feeling for us, knowing that you could be one of a happy Balinese.

About Ubud

While Ubud seems to outsiders like one small town, it is in fact fourteen villages, each run by its own banjar (village committee). Ubud has grown rapidly, and some central parts are creaking under the strain of coping with the number of visitors. That said, most development is sympathetic to the zeitgeist, if not designed specifically in the local style. Growth continues apace, but there are still terraced rice fields along the rivers, and away from the town centre, regular, quiet village life carries on relatively undisturbed. Central Ubud is heavily commercialized and teems with tourists.



We are ready to tell you more about Ubud